National Blockchain Challenge'19

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Designing the future of work

May-Jun 2019


Blockchain is an emerging technology that is increasingly incorporated into enterprises due to its immutable, reliable and decentralised nature. Through the National Blockchain Challenge 2019, we are looking for blockchain and technology enthusiasts who want to design the future of work with us.

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  • Workshops: Learn from the industry experts
  • Preliminary hackathon: Prepare your slide decks

14-16 June

  • Final hackathon: Create your prototype and pitch

16 June

  • Hackathon judging day
  • Panel discussion
  • 3 X $1000 cash prize
  • 5+ Master Classes
  • 10+ Trainers & Speakers
  • 15+ Mentors & Judges

The future of work is defined by two elements. Firstly, there is increasing globalization resulting in the gig-economy, which may result in many freelancers not being paid in an accountable, inclusive and trusted manner. Secondly, automation will inevitably result in the indiscriminate wiping out of many professions, and many workers will be displaced. Against this backdrop, how can we use blockchain technology to design a better future of work?

The National Blockchain Challenge 2019 connects institutional, academic, developer and student communities. We encourage teams to build blockchain applications that can result in fairer, more equitable, empowered and prosperous work of the future.


24-25 May 2019

Introduction to blockchain and design thinking

  • Become familiar with the high overview of the blockchain system. Design thinking will be integrated to this course such that participants could understand a systematic way to approach problem-solving.

  • Takeaway: You will be able to understand the basic terminology used in blockchain and articulate the advantages of using blockchain as a tool.
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  • Aetler & Institute of Blockchain Singapore

    1 June 2019

    Fundamentals of innovation and enterprise

  • Learn the common errors and obstacles that will impede innovation. You will also discover the innovation process and metrics to measure performance and cost of implementations.

  • Takeaway: You will be able to explain the theoretical concept and factors that drive and influence innovation. You will also be able to outline practical framework to achieve innovations.
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    Eat Launchpad

    Effective presentation and personal branding

  • Learn the psychology and anatomy of delivering an effective presentation. This workshop will also impart the knowledge of tapping across social media to have a strategic professional positioning.

  • Takeaway: You will be able to craft an elevator pitch, structure an impactful presentation and improve their personal branding.
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    User experience (UX) design process

  • Learn about the importance of user-centric design. And the methodology to identify the problem statement of the users.

  • Takeaway: You will be able to create user personas, create user requirements and define the various stages of user experience design processes.
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    Outside Voice

    8 June 2019

    Agile methodology for rapid prototyping

  • Learn about the fundamentals of agile methodology. You will also engage in hands-on practice for applying the methodology.

  • Takeaway: At the end of the session, participants will be able to understand how to plan an execute sprints. They will also be able to articulate the pros and cons of using agile method over waterfall methodology.
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    Dtal Technologies Pte Ltd

    Presents_ IOST: Coding workshop

  • Meet community partners and IOST as we discuss the makeup of a public blockchain and IOST proposition to the industry. In the PM session, we dwell into the technical aspect of IOST, followed by a coding workshop.

  • Takeaway: Participants will be able to understand what is a public blockchain, the problem its solving, its current state maturity and a glimpse to building applications on it.
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    18 June 2019

    Kleros: Learn smart contract development on Ethereum in 3 hours

  • Brings your laptop for this engaging hands-on development session. No prior blockchain knowledge is required.

  • Takeaway: At the end of the session, participants will be able to understand how the basics of solididty. They will develop a simple arbitrable escrow smart contract. Also, they will develop a smart contract for the use case of their choic
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